5 Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You

Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You
Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You

5 Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You

As we always say, dog speaks through their emotions. If you want to know, what is your dog trying to show or speak to you? You need to look at his body language and face emotions. So, how would you know your dog loves you or not? Is the dog just around you for some food or something else?

Here are 5 secret signs that would confirm your dog loves you

5 Follows You Around:

Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You - Follow you around
Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You – Follow you around

Dogs are smart — they get to know what you’re up to? They tend to realize if you’re going out somewhere so they will follow you. They even tend to realize the lunch and dinner time. If the lunchtime collapsed by– they will follow your trail or bark to make you realize he/she’s hungry.

Why do dogs follow you around? They just like to stick around you. They just feel safe, comfortable around you, and just want your company.

4Tail wagging

Remember, Tail wagging toward right show dog’s excitement, affection towards you. This is also a sign that the dog is very happy around you.

Again, the tail wagging is done by dogs for 2 reason –First, when food is around, and another when they are perky and would love to stick around you.

3 Loves to play with you

Have your ever watched tw puppies played? How do they play –they try to wrestle, bite, push and even run after each other. This is the mostnatural way, how animals love to play around with each other.

If your dog is comfortable around, he loves you — he will also tend to play the same natural way around you. He may run and catch your legs, try to bite you, turn over and over on the floor.

2 Jumps on you

This is similar to human behaviour of hugging each other whenyou meet after a long a time (after work). Different animals tend to show their excitement by jumping on each other and showing “They missed you!”

1 Love to sleep around you

Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You - Loves to sleep with you
Secret Signs Your Dog Loves You – Loves to sleep with you

We all know dogs have descended from wolves. So, do you know how wolves like to sleep within their pack? The wild wolves like to sleep lunchtime in packs.

Why did I explain that? because if your dog loves you, he/she will also want to sleep huddled around your bed. Why do they do that? This helps keep them warm and help them feel safe. It’s also a way for your dog to show you he cares. He wants to be near you, and this is his natural way of showing you he feels comfortable and sees you asfamily .

If your dog doesn’t show any of these points, do not worry!  There is a possibility that that dog may not love their owners. You just make sure lunchtime more quality time with your pooch. And, visit the below tips to make yourbond stronger with your pooch.


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