Warren Buffett Replies This When Tony Robbins Ask What Made Him Richest Man

Tony Robbins Or Warren Buffett. Whoever you’re considering as your desirable figure. Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the richest had started his own business from scratch.

In previous years of Warren Buffett, he was not as rich as he is today. As time passes it teaches us lots of things. Today Warren Buffett is the richest person in the world. In fact, 99% of his wealth was earned after his 50th birthday.

The investing legend has been slowly building his fortune over the years. And today, the 85-year-old billionaire is one of the richest men in the world. The estimated net worth of over $60 billion.

It takes time for any person to reach the legendary level. Same goes to Warren Buffett the investing legend has slowly built his fortune over the years. And today at the age of 85, Warren Buffett is the world richest person.

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How did he come to earn such a mind-blowing amount of money?

Well, you must be thinking how Warren Buffett manages to build an enormous amount of money. To clear these rising question motivational speaker Tony Robbins and author of “MONEY: Master The Game,” asked him one question. This question will help you to understand why Warren Buffet is the richest person in the world.

Rony Robbins added,

“I asked Warren Buffett – I said, ‘What made you the wealthiest man in the world?’,” he tells entrepreneur and business coach Lewis Howes in an episode of his podcast,”The School of Greatness.”

“And he smiled at me and said, ‘Three things: Living in America for the great opportunities, having good genes so I lived a long time and compound interest.”

Buffett has always chosen to keep things simple and focusing on the long-term. One more reason of Warren Buffet is the richest person is his overtime experience. He was also a stockbroker during his early days. He never led his learning attitude to fade down.
You can also wonder he started his first business when he was 13-year-old. The business was a paperboy and selling his own horseracing tip sheet.

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1) Living In America For The Great Opportunities:-

The United States of America is a developed country with lots of opportunities you can get there. Lots of business opportunities and lots of innovative business start-up. The huge organization like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Apple, Microsoft and much more originates from the USA. By living in America, Warren Buffett took every opportunity to become world richest person.

2) Having Good Genes So I Lived A Long Time:-

In this point, Warren Buffett talked about his luck. He wanted to say, he was lucky to born in a good family. His father was a stockbroker and served as a U.S. congressman. His childhood life was not tough.

Apart from his lifestyle. Warren Buffet also uses to learn lots of things from his father who was also a stockbroker. He purchases his stock when he was 11 years old. And got a profit of $500.

3) Compound Interest:-

It is the quite straight, genuine, simple answer. The term Compound interest is when the interest on your business earns interest itself. The Advantage of compound interest is it rapidly snowball the money. Buffett considered snowball as billion dollars.

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Warren Buffett Replies This When Tony Robbins Ask What Made Him Richest Man
Warren Buffett Replies This When Tony Robbins Ask What Made Him Richest Man

Well, whatever answer Warren Buffett has said. It is all about experience and hard work he has done during his young age. Business and investment are still his passion and he never left his passion away from this life.

Becoming the Richest Person in the world is not an overnight hard work. But it is a hard work of every day to achieve this level. Buffett started learning about the stock market and business from his father. His father Howard Buffett was a stockbroker and businessman. At the age of 13, Warren Buffett made a first business profit. This teaches us his learning attitude and curiosity of the subject he is in. Experiment and get experience from it is another lesson one should learn about. And his learning attitude is still alive.

Apart from his learning attitude his sense of taking opportunities never end. He still takes opportunities which is one the factor of making him the world richest person.

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