Sparsh Shah The Young Little Boy Know How He Turned Impossible Into I’M Possible

Sparsh Shah The Young Little Boy


Sparsh Shah The Young Prodigy Boy Turned Impossible Into I’M Possible –  Was Also Brittle Bone Disease Survivor

I was on youtube recently, scrolling through my feed. When a TEDx talk “How a 13-year-old changed Impossible to I’m possible” came up. I was intrigued and immediately played the video.The talk started with a 13-year-old boy in a wheelchair saying some really difficult words. Then he said “these were the 11 longest words in the English dictionary”

And I was completely astonished by the boy. I figured that he was a child genius and TEDx invited him to a talk so that his journey would inspire us all. But it was his passion that urged me to write this article.

Sparsh Shah (born 2003) is an award-winning Indian-American singer, songwriter, and rapper from Iselin, New Jersey. He was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare genetic disorder that causes a person’s bones to be extremely fragile. At the time of his birth, he had 35 fractures and was kept in the intensive care unit. Until this date, he has had 130 fractures so far. Sparsh has a wicked sense of humor as he calls himself “Mr.Glass” and “Iron Man”. Such is his positive outlook towards life that it inspires many. His TEDx talk was about changing the impossible to the possible.

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Sparsh Shah The 12 Years Old Boy Who Turned Impossible Into I'M Possible Eminem YouTube Covers
Sparsh Shah The 12 Years Old Boy Who Turned Impossible Into I’M Possible Eminem YouTube Covers

He speaks of how he turned the word impossible to I’m possible in his life by following four simple steps:

  1. Find your passion. 
  2. Never hold yourself back.
  3. Help Others.
  4. Dream Big.

He speaks of music and how it has had a tremendous impact on his life both physically and emotionally. Training both in Indian classical vocals and American vocal music since the age of 6. He wrote his first song at the age of 10 “this love will never fade” and throughout the following years, he was written 11 more songs.

Sparsh came across an American rap song “Not Afraid” by Eminem, and he was hooked. He loved the Rap Artist Slim Shady and his songs so much, that Sparsh decided to make a cover of Not Afraid. His cover is like no other. Sparsh is not a fan of profanity, so he decided to make clean songs. He also named himself “PURHYTHM” i.e. Pure+Rhythm. The thing that made Sparsh’s cover song so different than the others out there is that he added a touch of Indian Classical Music to the song.

Such music is known as


It is a fusion of seemingly polar opposites Indian classical music and American hip-hop. This might sound crazy to many people, but this music was truly beautiful as I soon found out. Sparsh’s first cover song “Not Afraid” got so famous that to this date it has about 55 million views all over the internet. Even Eminem’s record label tweeted about it.

Sparsh says,

“no matter what happens in your life you should never ever give up on your passion”

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He won the first prize in Gaan Nipun Spardha, a prestigious singing competition organized by PJIM and was awarded a certificate of recognition by none other than the stalwart of Hindustani classical music, Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj, on February 27, 2016. He has raised about half a million dollars to date for various non-profit organizations.

Despite all the challenges he has faced, Sparsh’s spirit is unbreakable. He dreams of performing in front of a billion people, winning a Grammy and touching everyone’s hearts all over the world.

I want to leave the marks of my footprints; aka wheelchair tracks, in the sand of legacy so deep that not even a tsunami can erase them.

Concludes Sparsh at the TEDx:

Sparsh Shah The 12 Years Old Boy Who Turned Impossible Into I'M Possible artist
Sparsh Shah The 12 Years Old Boy Who Turned Impossible Into I’M Possible artist

Sparsh is an inspiration to the whole world and we all can learn a lot from his determination and grit.

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