20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful

College Life

20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful
20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful

20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful

No doubt, college life is the best time of our life. Living a carefree life, doing things without giving a second thought. And, getting serious when things really matter. We wish, spending the whole life in exactly the same way.

But, this is also the time, people may start keeping expectation from you. Or, even sometimes you drag yourself to find the best in you.

We wouldn’t advise to change yourself because even you know these moments won’t return back to you. But, we would advise you to practice these 20 Simple Changes You Need To Make In Your College Life. Who knows, maybe these changes may set you on the path you always dreamed of?

What if we had to tell you, how you spend your 20’s decide the later stages of your life? Isn’t things started getting serious!

Do not worry, it’s pretty easy. Things may look complicated, but it just the matter of time before you take your first step.

First step? Yes, the first step towards taking simple changes in your life. Because these changes may ease out every other difficulty from your life. A step toward setting a successful life after your college life.

So, here are 20 Simple Changes You Need To Make In Your College Life.

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Writing down your Goals:

When we need to successfully execute any mission, we need to have a foolproof plan. Writing goals down not only help you set a proper target but also help to recognize your potential.

How? In one of the goal-setting study program, college students were instructed to write down a path toward achieving their future goals. The study results showed those who completed their task, achieved more than their potential. Well, those who didn’t practice any action, remained the same.

Kill ego and let it go:

Why kill the ego? As per Michael Elijah, Ego blinds and fetters us from possibility and progress. We should learn to burst the bubble grown by simply asking a question as ‘What if things aren’t as they seem to be?’ and vitally ‘What if I’m wrong?’

What do we let go? The answer is anything that is not in alignment with your true essence, your value, and your goals. And, that is why it’s necessary to transcend the ego.

Read a lot of self-development books:

These books are like a shortcut to get the best of knowledge, which colleges wouldn’t provide. These books will help you understand life, its purpose, and stand as an only mentor on your path toward success.

It’s again important to learn the mindset of the author and then implement on your path.

Stop trying to live someone else’s life:

Normally people, who’re so carried away with someone’s thoughts that they really behave the same way as they do. It’s not wrong to experiment with others personal habits in our lives, but practicing those would never feel you truly fulfilled.

Franklin Veaux says “If there’s one thing you can do that will help more than anything else, it’s this: Live life on your own terms. Don’t do things because you think you ‘should’. Don’t do what other people tell you to do. Don’t do what society expects you to do. Don’t sit around waiting to start living your life. This life belongs to you and to nobody else. You will not get a chance to do it again. Live it on your terms.”

5. Stop feeling bad about the past:

There are two types of people in this World

  • Should-Would-Could: These are the type of people who always live in their past. I should have taken that job. I would have married that girl. I could have been the winner. Don’t be one of them!
  • Shall-Will-Can: These are people, who thrive on success and take-up challenges. They like to say I shall get the job. I will marry that girl, she’s the one for me. I can win. Be one of them!

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Start to understand people:

The mark of true maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back.

Understanding helps you recognize the person around you, his intention, his situation or why he really needs you.

Care your loved ones:

Life is too short for hatred and disrespect. Be the best kind of person who cares and believe in others so much, that even they start to believe in themselves.

Spread love and happiness, and simply be who you are.

Start saving money for the future:

If you dream to live an independent life, loan free life, you would need to hustle first. But you could afford to scrap out some boring party plans and save those pennies for the future. But, we are sure, savings would definitely help you in some of the other ways in your future.

Make a solid plan to live independently:

Yeah, we know living on your own might be something that you dream to achieve someday. The thoughts can be scary when things come to reality. But what if, you already have a solid plan for it? Wouldn’t that be amazing!

If you still confused with what it takes to live alone? – It takes cooking, balancing money, maintenance, rental taxes, involving in the community and much more…

Start asking questions:

We know every problem has different solutions. Asking the same question to 2 different people gives us a different perspective on the solution. Okay, now you have 2 different solutions to the same question, most of them just have one.

This is the power of asking questions. The Scientist says, this kind of curiosity and knowledge-seeking can strengthen your personal relationship because you spend time listening, and boost performance at work because you always want to learn and improve.

Attain wisdom:

20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful Attain wisdom
20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful Attain wisdom

In order to understand the purpose of life, your existence — one has to attain true wisdom. This is the stage where one possesses, true knowledge, judgment and experience things which really matters.

Lauren Ramesbottom says, “We should cultivate mindfulness by setting aside a certain period of time every day or in a week for quiet meditation or reflection. Practice anything that separates you from your daily trials of life, will help you have an open conversation with yourself in regard to how you feel”

Learn to cook:

Cooking is not just about trying out different recipes, it’s much more than that. Cooking is an art, which provides us with happiness, satisfaction, and love. Cooking also helps you understand ourselves, our taste and our creativity. So, step up to the kitchen and make start with some simple but amazing recipes.

Start Travelling:

20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful Travel Traveler
20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful Travel Traveler

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler. Because, traveling isn’t just about seeing different places we never explored before, it’s about feeling it!

Also, sometimes the toughest answers of our lives are met spending away from others and closer to nature.

Spend some time alone:

It’s equally important for everyone to spend some time alone away from the chaotic environment. Spend about half an hour alone, away from the phone, social media and friends.

Researchers say, humans, need true solitude away from others, in order to understand their own behavior and experiences.

Start taking weekly review:

This is the great habit which also keeps track of all other things you’ve been doing all week long. As this habit also lays the foundation for the upcoming week.

Don’t forget to use these 3 questions

  • What went well last week?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What changes I need to make this week goes better?

Start appreciating failures:

When you will try out these new alterations in your college life, you would make mistakes. Try to learn from those mistakes, and improve yourself. Appreciating failures will make you strong and would show the uttermost quality of your maturity.

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Start with some small projects:

We talked about improving different qualities. But when you pass out college, you would step into the competitive world. And, in order to survive you need to be good at something. Talking up small projects during your college life will help you prepare you for the real World.

Also, setting out some projects successfully may turn out some cash for you.

Build a strong team:

20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful Build a strong team
20 Simple Changes To Make Your College Life Sensible & Joyful Build a strong team

The team is the most important part of any new foundation to start. Make sure, you’ve got the best of team members. Don’t worry, if you know some weirdos, only make sure they are the best in their business!

Learn teamwork:

Building a strong team is difficult, but making sure your team works consistently is much more difficult. It’s your responsibility to lift them up in a hard time, packing up their blame upon you. Make sure, you’ll stick together as a team.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

What they say is true, our lives begin at the end of our comfort zone. We need to test our limits and embrace change even before it comes knocking on your door.

Because, in an increasingly competitive, cautious and accelerated world. Those who are willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zone and into the discomfort of uncertainty will be those who will reap the biggest rewards.

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