26 Secret Fact About Sundar Pichai Which Reveals Everything

26 Secret Fact About Sundar Pichai Which Reveals Everything

26 Secret Fact About Sundar Pichai Which Reveals Everything
26 Secret Fact About Sundar Pichai Which Reveals Everything

26 Secret Fact About Sundar Pichai Which Reveals Everything

After Google talked about a new parent company called Alphabet. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the two C-Level business giants who are the major factor starting Alphabet while Sundar Pichai will continue to be the CEO of Google Inc. If you want to know the reason why Google form a new company called Alphabets, please click on the link.

The CEO of Google was a person who belonged to a lower-middle class family. Sundar Pichai had no TV while he was growing up. So here are the Inspiring Journey of Sundar Pichai From Childhood to CEO Of Google.

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Here are the 26 Secret Fact About Sundar Pichai Reveals Everything,

1) He Became CEO of one of top tech giant Google Inc on 10th August 2015.

2) With this redesign of Google/Alphabet Inc., Sundar Pichai will control: seek, advertisements, maps, the Google Play Store, YouTube, and Android.

3) Sundar Pichai was born in Chennai, India in 1972. Sundar Pichai full name is Pichai Sundararajan.

4) His worth is expected around $150 million.

5) Sundar Pichai’s mother was the stenographer and father Regunatha Pichai was the electrical engineer. His father was working in British conglomerate GEC. He was also managing a factory which makes electrical components. Having a very simple life with the lower middle-class background, despite having such difficulties in their lives his father made sure that Sundar and his younger brother would never fall short of any education in their lives.

6) On an interview of Pichai’s dad with Bloomberg said, he uses to tell the challenges he faces during work which makes him more enthusiasm towards technology.

7) The Pichai’s family got their first telephone when Sundar was 12 years old. The telephone uncovered to him the enchanted accommodations of innovation and was a blessing in disguise. He could recollect each number he ever dialed.

8) Pichai was the captain of his secondary school cricket team before he got admission into IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) Kharagpur. Further, he completed his MS from Stanford and MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

9) Sundar Pichai was also successful in his IIT academic year which allows him to study at Stanford University. His professor recommended him to study Ph.D. But he decides to Pursue MS in material science and semiconductor physics.

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10) Before joining Google, he did consultant service at McKinsey & Company.

11) Pichai is been with Google subsequent from 2004 when he joined to lead product management for Google Chrome and Chrome OS. He was included with Google Drive and went ahead to manage Gmail and Google Maps too.

12) His associates advise Bloomberg that Pichai has a tendency to wander when he’s somewhere down in his thought. It’s not strange for him to meander away in the middle of a meeting, just to come back with the solution of the given problem.

13) In 2011, Pichai drew attention when he was considered to lead item and replace Jason Goldman at Twitter. He decided to stay with Google.

14) In 2013, Pichai took control over Android organizer Andy Rubin’s portfolio to run versatile stages. He likewise defended with charming more than a billion worldwide clients to the Android biological system.

15) As per Business Insiders, Pichai was famous at staying out of politics and drama at Google. When he answered to Marissa Mayer, he supposedly sat outside her office for an hour, just to verify his group had a great performance review.

16) When he was verging away to Microsoft, Google desperately arranged negotiation urgently to hold Pichai for $50 million a year in stocks.

17) In February 2014, Pichai was supposed to be on the short list of Microsoft to turn into that tech giant’s third CEO.

18) “Android One,” Pichai’s pet project which he intends to give reasonable cell phones in all families around the world, dispatched in India in September 2014.

19) Despite the fact that he was simply delegated CEO of Google, Pichai has viably been in charge of regular operations at Google subsequent to October 2014.

20) Pichai was on the advisor for Ruba Inc. furthermore, was an executive of Jive Software Inc.

21) Pichai had been Page’s right-hand man when they tried to convince Whatsapp author Jan Koum to merge with Google while they were trying to win over Facebook.

22) He helped Page persuade Nest’s Tony Fadell to merge his organization with the Google team including with lots of addition to other things.

23) Dieter Bohn at “The Verge” explains how Sundar Pichai’s office as “clean to the point of being spartan” and noticed that this simplicity was reflected in his manner.

24) Presently married to his adoration wife Anjali, whom he dated in India before she went along with him in the United States, Now Sundar Pichai is the father of two.

25) Pichai is known for his calm, political nature. In 2013, he went with Larry Page and Google CBO Nikesh Arora to visit a Samsung industrial facility in South Korea to help build Google’s relationship with its accomplice.

26)  Google officials wonder about Pichai’s forces of numerical review. Alan Eustace, VP for engineering, says that amid a late meeting, Pichai created a measurement identified with the increment of voice-actuated pursuits. “That is my zone,” Eustace says, “and he knew a number I didn’t know”.

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