PC Mustafa CEO OF ID Fresh Food And Son of Coolie Who Turn His Company’s Worth Over 100 Crores

PC Mustafa CEO OF ID Fresh Food And Son of Coolie Who Turn His Company's Worth Over 100 Crores

PC Mustafa CEO OF ID Fresh Food And Son of Coolie Who Turn His Company's Worth Over 100 Crores
PC Mustafa CEO OF ID Fresh Food And Son of Coolie Who Turn His Company's Worth Over 100 Crores

PC Mustafa CEO OF ID Fresh Food And Son of Coolie Who Turn His Company’s Worth Over 100 Crores

This story is about PC Mustafa who is also known as ID Mustafa. His success story will bring glimpses of struggle, poverty and success. As we all know every success story has a background of struggle, failure but above all these things make you stronger and resistant to tackling any problem you face.

The story of PC Mustafa is quick inspirational. A man who lived most his childhood in a remote village in Wayanad, Kerala. Due to a lack of quality in living and belonging to an illiterate lower-class family. Mustafa failed to get the best of education.

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Mustafa’s father worked as a coolie, while his mother served as a housewife. They use to live in a remote village which had just one old primary school, no roads, and electricity. Mustafa had to travel 4 km long to reach his high school.

Mustafa was never fond of having an education. He was a below average student who failed once in 6thgrade. Due to lack of motivation and encouragement for education, he almost decided to drop out and start working with his father.

Teacher’s Hand: –

Behind every successful teacher, there is a strong hand of teacher behind. In the life of PC Mustafa there a teacher known is Mathew sir. He believed in Mustafa that he can do something special.

According to his math’s teacher Mathews,

Mustafa was a kid who could do well in Mathematics but hated other subjects. Therefore, he failed in 6th grade once and decided to quit school and start working with his father as a coolie.

Mr. Mathews knew his potential and helped him to come up in life. He knew exactly what the boy desired to be and how he could help him to change his life. Mr. Mathews helped him to clarify the picture of what would happen if he decided to drop out of school and become a coolie? What would happen if he walked on the footstep of his father?

These questions struck hard into Mustafa’s head and made him realized to work much harder in order to get a much better quality of living.

Mustafa said,

Sir Mathews wasn’t just an inspiration for me, but also the source of guidance. So, I always wanted to be like Mathew Sir.

There was no turning back for Mustafa, but the journey wasn’t easy for him. With the help and guidance of Mathew Sir, Mustafa topped the following 7th grade.

For which Mustafa said,

There was no looking back after that. I even stood first in my 10th grade. Those days, I had only one ambition – I wanted to be a maths teacher exactly like Mathew Sir. He was my role model.

College Days Where Minimum: –

After his 10th grade, Mustafa decided to study further, but money was a major issue. Belonging to the lower-class family, it seemed to be impossible for Mustafa to get into a good college even after good grades.

After a lot of struggle, Mustafa was enrolled at the Farooq College in Kozhikode. Getting an admission in a college outside his village was the first ever step, he took toward a better quality of living.

He further pursued his engineering from Regional College of Engineering (now part of the National Institute of Technology (NIT)). This is where Mustafa turned his passion into hard work and further success. Mustafa said,

I never dreamed to be an Entrepreneur then. I always wanted to be a well-known engineer. I worked hard and did well in studies. When I graduated in 1995, I got placed at Manhattan Associate, an Indian start-up in the US.

Mustafa hard work and dedication was being realized by many of his colleagues. He also got calls from multi-national companies such as Motorola and Samsung. He also traveled abroad in Ireland and Dubai.

But somewhere, he always felt that he was meant for something different. Something by which he can serve his country and help those people who failed to get the basic quality of living, exactly like 6th grade Mustafa.

So, he decided to quit a well-paying job and was probably the toughest thing he had to do. Mustafa also mentions the three reasons for taking this tough decision.

I wanted to come back and spend time with my parents. I wanted to study further. The third reason was, I wanted to give something back to the society.

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The first step of iD Mustafa toward Entrepreneurship: 

So, Mustafa returned back to his family. The other day, while traveling back with his cousin Shamsuddin, Mustafa saw a usual thing of dosa batter being sold in a plastic bag. He immediately asked his brother about the store, where Shamsuddin advice Mustafa to start making and supply dosa batter. This was an Aha!  moment for Mustafa, he realized the supply and demand of the product and started his own company with 25,000 INR.

After his cousin brother Nasser, Shamshuddin, Jaffer and Naushad decided to join hands. Since then Mustafa had 50% shares of the company, and another 50% were divided between other 4 brothers.

They started off on a 550 square foot plot, with 2 grinders, a mixer and a sealing machine. While having a discussion of the product,

We were discussing names when a cousin suggested iD for idli dosa. We named the venture iD Fresh Food as we planned to supply fresh dosa and idli batters.

And, this is how iD Mustafa and his 4 brothers started a venture named iD. Mustafa said,

We targeted 20 shops and a 100 packets of batter every day, and if the venture was successful, more money would be invested. We didn’t employ anyone; the cousins were in charge.

It all went according to the plan. The demand started increasing for iD batters, and hence when more stores decided to ask for their batters. They reached the company’s target in the 9th month and they kept growing faster.

In 2007, Mustafa got his MBA degree and officially joined his venture as the CEO of iD. He handled the marketing and finance of the company, while others on the production.

How iD Mustafa reached his milestone?

After, PC Mustafa’s used techniques learned in his MBA degree — Mustafa’s company iD significantly increased their production to 3,500 kg each day. More stores partnered with the iD’s products, making the stores count to 400. By 2008, Fresh Food had 30 employees and a turnover of 30 lakh. iD also introduced parathasas as their new product.


Mustafa’s company iD Fresh Food kept getting better; sales kept increasing also the company turnover. In 2012, iD reached a milestone of becoming a national brand with its product being sold in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. In 2013, they reached the international market (Dubai) but unfortunately did not cope-up with their large demand. For which Mustafa said,

We are not looking at any other International market right now. India is such a huge market and we have so much to explore. Today, we produce around 50,000 kg in our plant. The total investment must be around 4 crore and our revenue is 100 crore.

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Future Aims of PC Mustafa: –

It is amazing to see how a small-scale company producing 10 packets a day now deliver all over India. It’s their dedication toward their work, the mindset of contributing to society helped Mustafa to reach a milestone where everyone dreams to be.

My aim is to make iD the most popular and trusted brand in the fresh food segment and make a 1000 crore company in the next five to six years. By then, I’m sure we will be able to employ at least 5,000 people.

When Mustafa said about employing 5,000 people. He meant about hiring those poor people who lack the quality of living. Hiring those people wouldn’t be a tough task, but giving a proper training and making a complete team could be a tough challenge.

You could contact iD Mustafa company — iD Fresh Food.


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