Mallakhamb – History, Indian Gymnastic Pole, Information In English


Mallakhamb – History, Indian Gymnastic Pole, Information In English
Mallakhamb is one the few sports which provides complete exercise to entire body that too in the least possible time. India is the birth of Mallakhamb. History says Mallakhamb was mainly for the combatant and wrestlers. People denote it as the Sport of Strength and power.
The Mallakhamb derives the terms “Malla” means  “Wrestler”. While “Khamb” means “Pole”. Which tells the complete meaning of Mallakhamb in English as the “The Wrestling Pole”. The
Mallakhamb Sport was originally assigned to Wrestlers and Warriors. It is a complete exercise for Wrestlers and Warriors which improves the strength and endurance.
The Mallakhamb is also played on the Rope known as Rope Mallakham. Here the performer displays exercise by hanging on the rope. Mallakhamb has come up in Medival Period. It was the time of where Peshwa’s were ruling India. The person who invented Mallakhamb is Balambhatdada Deodhar. During that time Mallakhamb was the exercise and sports.
But today Mallakhamb has not just promoted into exercise it is also used as performing gymnast moves but also included in dance form. Let us check out who is Balambhatdada Deodhar.
Let us check out who is Balambhatdada Deodhar.

Balambhatdada Deodhar: – 

Balambhatdada Deodhar was an instructor of Wrestler or Physical Instructor of Wrestler. He used to work in the kingdom of Bajirao Peshwa II. He also teaches Mallakhamb to combatants.
The man with full of strength and power. The story of how he invented Mallakhamb is in the History part given below. He is the person who spread Mallakhamb in West and South region of India. Later it was spread all over India.

Mallakhamb History: –

Once there were two wrestlers Ali and Gulab, Who were considering themselves as the most powerful person in this world. Some say they were from the Nizam Kingdom. While some say that they were the wanderer who roams all over the world just to display their power and strength. They were also challenging the wrestler’s worldwide. They were so powerful that hardly any wrestler sustained in front them.

The actual history begins from here. Once upon a time both Ali and Gulab visited the kingdom of Peshwas. That was the age was Peshwa Baji Rao II was ruling the Kingdom. Ali and Gulab decided to visit the Great Darbar(Court) of Peshwa.

They both challenged Peshwa Baji Rao II that none of the wrestlers will sustain in front of them. Baji Rao II accepted their challenge and sent his strongest wrestlers to fight against them. Ali and Gulab were winning with of all the strongest wrestlers sent Baji Rao Peshwa II.

The whole Darbar(Court) was astonished by seeing the way they were fighting. The king was embarrassed. Balambhattdada Deodhar cannot see his King in an Embarrassing situation. And for Peshwas reputation he challenged both Ali And Gulab. He also ensures that he will win against them but he asked 21 days for preparation. His condition was accepted by King as well as Ali and Gulab.

For Preparation Balambhattdada Deodhar went to native place Kothure. During preparation hours, he was meditating with the name Goddess Saptashringi Devi with full devotion. One night Goddess Saptashringi Devi came into Balambhattdada dream and inform him that Lord Maruti(Hanuman) will personally teach you the tricks of wrestling.

One day Balambhattdada was walking with various thoughts in mind. How can we beat Ali And Gulab? What could be the weak point of Ali and Gulab? How can I be more strengthful than Ali and Gulab? With Various thoughts in mind, he saw a monkey doing some unique exercise and acrobatic moves on the branch of the tree. Looking at that monkey Balambhattdada got the Omen of strength. A monkey was doing something that common human cannot do.

Looking at Monkeys moves and exercise he started performing the same. For that, he himself built one wooden pole and practice those moves of a monkey on the pole. From that practice, he has strengthened himself to such an extent that he got the confidence of beating both Ali and Gulab. He called this technique as “MallaKhamb”.

On match day, he visited Kings Darbar(Court) to fight against Ali and Gulab. After the long fight, he single-handedly defeated both Ali and Gulab. It was an auspicious day for king and kingdom as Balambhattdada Deodhar defeated Ali and Gulab. And helped the king to regain his pride and reputation of his Peshwa kingdom.

King Baji Rao Peshwa II asked Balambhattdada Deodhar how he managed to win against Mighty Ali and Gulab. Balambhattdada said the whole story from beginning to end. With this King announce Mallakhamb as a technique every wrestler and soldier should perform.

He assigned Balambhattdada Deodhar to teach Mallakhamb. King also allowed him to spread the Mallakhamb technique throughout the kingdom.

Mallakhamb offers Balambhattdada improved strength, tight grip, endurance, concentration.

Significance Of Mallakham: – 


Today Mallakham is emerging and spreading throughout the world. In the present world, Mallakham is considered as a Gymnast Sports. The performers show some acrobatic moves on the Pole(Khamb). The contains balancing and strength to hold your body on the pole. The performer displays some beautiful moves letting them balance on the single pole.  Balambhatdada Deodhar also reveals that the person who performs Mallakhamb can compete easily with his opponent of about double his weight.

Advantage Of Mallakhamb: –

  • Mallakhamb is the only sport which provides complete exercise to entire body that too in the least possible time.
  • Due to continuous twisting and turning, the whole body gets massaged and the cells are rejuvenated. The external muscles are developed and the internal system is increased efficiency. It also gives the perfect shape and form to the body. It provides remarkable control to limbs of the human body.
  • You can also achieve control over the breadth as Mallakhamb makes use number of Yoga Postures.
  • As you constantly balancing your body on the pole or on the rope you developed brain functionality run efficiently. You Improve your memory, concentration, and coordination.
  • The person who performs Mallakhamb displays mental and physical attributes like flexibility, focus, and balance.
  • Mallakhamb also helps to control Mind and body.

Previous Form Of Mallakhamb: –

Earlier, Warriors and wrestlers were performing Mallakhamb on sugarcane stem. They use to hold the inter-nodes of sugarcane stem so that it won’t break. But you cannot continuously do that so Bamboo stick replaced Sugarcane Steam. Later, after lots of modification, the more than 70 cm height pole made up of Seesham (Indian Rosewood).

Mallakhamb In Present Age:-

Nowadays, Players performing on hanging pole known as Hanging Mallakhamb. And performing on the rope is Rope Mallakhamb. The Rope Mallakhamb is for children under 16 and women because it is too dangerous to directly learn Pole Mallakhamb. The performer often combines Yoga posture with Mallakhamb.

Types Of Mallakhamb: – 

With the time Mallakhamb also evolved. Today we get the display of three types of Mallakhamb. Those three types and their information is given below.

1) Pole Mallakhamb: –

In Pole Mallakhamb the wooden verticle pole is fixed in the ground. It is made of Teak Wood with Sesame polish. Both are the combination of toughness and soft surface. Castor oil is applied in order to reduce the friction to minimize the injuries. Generally, it is 10 to 20 feet high above the ground level. It has a diameter of 5 to 6 inches at the bottom. And 1.5 to 2 inches at the top.
The performer displays the exercise and moves on the wooden pole.

2) Hanging Mallakhamb: –

Hanging Pole Mallakhamb is the other version of Pole Mallakhamb. It is generally used for balancing exercise. Hanging Mallakhamb is quite difficult because it is swinging and revolving in round motion. It is suspended at the upper part of Mallakhamb with chain and hook or tied with the rope. The pole swings in around because it is in hanging position. Here the Mallakhamb is hanged at the height of 3.5 to 4 feet above the ground. With balancing the level of concentration and reflexes is also high. The body has to keep very close to Mallakhamb.

3) Cane Or Rope Mallahkhamb:-

This form Mallakhamb is quite different than other Mallakhamb forms. Here the rope is tied vertically at the top. Instead of Mallakhamb, we get rope hanging above. It solves all the problems of Mallakhamb. Rope Mallakhamb also assures fewer injuries than Normal Mallakhamb.

Mallakhamb Organization: –

1) Mallakhamb Confederation of World, MCW
2) Asian Mallakhamb Federation, AMF
3) South Asian Mallakhamb Federation, SAMF
4) Mallakhamb Federation, USA
5) Mallakhamb Federation Of India, India (Link)