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In order to give effect to the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 & Rules made there under, Motor Vehicle Department has been set up as per Section 213 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988 in the State of Maharashtra. The RTO (Regional Transport Office) takes care of and guides all the users to know how to apply or What is the procedure for an applicant to apply for Licence Permit. It gives you all license permit including Learning License, Permanent International driving permit, Vehicle permit for Auto Rickshaws and, Taxi, Car, Bikes etc.

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How To Apply For New Learner/ Permanent Driving Licence Online On www.sarathi.nic.in: –


For applying new Learner or Permanent driving license online here are the steps:
1. Go to www.sarathi.nic.in
2. After opening this website you can see various options – click on “Apply for Learners Licence “
3. Click Forms for Learner Licence
4. Fill the respective form for Learner Licence
5. Sumit the form fully with required documents as shown in the table below.
6. Pay the Fees for Licence permit. It is better to pay the fees at RTO office during driving exam.


Sr noLearner /Permanent LicenceForm noDocuments RequiredVechile TypesFees
1Learner Licence1,2
  1. Address Proof
  2. Age Proof
  3. Medical Certificate
  4. Passport Size Photos (3 nos)
All types of VechicleRs 30 for each vehicle
2Pemanent Licence4
  1. Learners Licence
  2. Passport Size Photos (3 nos)
All types of vechicle1. Rs 50-test fee

2. RS 40-ordinary license

3. Rs 150 – Computerised license


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Get Learner/ Permanent Driving Licence Form: –

You can go directly to this Link below which provides direct link to fill the form

Here is some step by step process to need to follow for applying Leaner License and Permanent Licence.

Online Driving Licence RTO: Learner License Form: –

Step 1: –

First, you need to register for learning license. Click on the following link and filled your detail as require.


You can visit https://sarathi.nic.in:8443/UF/pdfforms/NewLicence.pdf for pdf format and filled it as per requirement. (Note that this URL is supported in Chrome, Safari and Mozilla browser).

Note: When you open the website you may come across the error message about, security issue certificate warning. Click continue there will be no harm after visiting the website.

Step 2: –

The column with a Red mark or (*) symbol have to fill compulsorily as it is Mandatory. So keep in mind to gather the information of yourself so their won’t be any difficulties while filling the forms.

Step 3: – 

Above form can be fully filled by applicants who are applying for Learners Licence. Information should be filled with proper details so that further problems should not occur. If there is any mistake in your Application form it may get dismiss during the verification process.

Step 4: –

After checking your details and filling the form click “Submit” to proceed to next step. You will get “Application is saved successfully” message.

Note: Note down your application number given which will be given to you. You could need application number for further process. Don’t forget to note down the application number.

Step 5: –

Now you need to slot an appointment for learning license. Choose “Appointment for LL test” under “Online transaction with Sarathi” section.

Step 6: –

After clicking on Appointment for LL test you will get “LL slot booking” in the navigation bar. Select “LL test for online applicants”. You will find login form. Enter your application form and number and date of birth to login for fix date and timing.

Step 7: –  

Select date and time as per your convenience. And you need to visit those date and time with respect to your schedule.

Step 8: –

Take the print out of the form which you have filled. You also need to get the print out of additional form where there will be multiple choice question to understand your physical disabilities and health.

Step 9: –

You need to carry the following document for Residential Address proof.

  1. Passport(If you have).
  2. Light Bill(Address Confirmation).
  3. Election Card.
  4. Life Insurance Policy.

You need to carry the following documents for age proof.

  1. School leaving certificate.
  2. College leaving certificate.
  3. Birth Certificate.

For Nationality Proof and additional verification, you need following documents

  1. Aadhar Card.
  2. Pan Card.

It is compulsory to bring original copy as well as Xerox or photocopies of documents. Also you need to bring

Step 10: –

Once you reach RTO office, you first have to stand in the queue to pay the registration fees. You need to pay Rs. 385 for with gear two wheeler and car learning and permanent license.

After the above process, you need to submit your documents for verification.

Note: Do fill your form with complete detail and it should be clean.

After that form will be verified by heads of RTO and further if the form is properly verified they will call you for Driving Test. First, they will check your ability how much you know about traffic rules. There will be 20 questions each carrying 1 marks and to pass this test you need to acquire at least 10 marks. Which mean 10 question should be right. Once you passed you will get Learner Licence immediately within half an hour.

Once you finish procedure for learning license and once you are ready to drive the vehicle properly you can apply for next step i.e Permanent Licence.

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Permanent Licence: –

Then once you passed your Learner Licences its time to go for Permanent License. You’re eligible for Permanent License after 15 days from getting Learner License.  Select the date you want to apply for the License. The applicant has to drive the vehicle or handle the vehicle properly after passing through these steps finally Learner Licence will be provided to you.

In these test, they will check your ability of recognizing signals, signs, direction.They will also check how you can control speeds, taking proper turns etc. After passing all the test you will get finally a Permanent Licence and you can now ride your vehicle.

List Of RTO District (Code) In Maharashtra State Eligible For www.sarathi.nic.in: –

List Of RTO District (Code) In Maharashtra State Eligible For www.sarathi.nic.in,How To Apply Learner Per
List Of RTO District (Code) In Maharashtra State Eligible For www.sarathi.nic.in,How To Apply Learner Per

Here is some List Of RTO In Mumbai and Pune Eligible For www.sarathi.nic.in

RTO CodeAddressRTO Name



Old Bodyguard Lane Tulsewadi, Tardeo, Mumbai Central


RTO, Mumbai Central




111-D Ambivali Village New Manish Nagar Versova Road, Mumbai


RTO, Mumbai West




B-2 \, Wadala Truck Terminal, Mumbai


RTO,  East




Near Central Jail Thane


RTO, Thane




Sahyadri Nagar Near Birla College Kalyan


DY.RTO, Kalyan




38, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Near Sangham Bridge, Pune


RTO, Pune


List Of Other RTO District (Code) In Maharashtra State Eligible For www.sarathi.nic.in: –


MH-01Mumbai (South) – RTO is located in Tardeo
MH-02Mumbai (West) – RTO is located in Andheri
MH-03Mumbai (East) – RTO is located in Wadala
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-05Kalyan-Dombivali, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, and Badlapur – RTO is located in Kalyan
MH-06Raigad – RTO is located in Pen (does not include Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, Panvel, Khopoli)
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-07Sindhudurg – RTO is located in Sindhudurg Nagari
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-12Pune (city)
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-13Solapur (city)
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-15Nashik (city)
MH-17Shrirampur, Ahmednagar District
MH-20Aurangabad – RTO is located on Station Road
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-21Jalna (city)
MH-29Yavatmal – RTO is located on Nagpur Road
MH-30Akola – RTO is located on Dabki Road 444002
MH-31Nagpur West – RTO is Located at Amravati Road
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-40Nagpur (Rural)
Also, MSRTC buses are registered here.
MH-41Malegaon, Nashik District
MH-42Baramati, Pune
MH-43Navi Mumbai – RTO at Vashi
MH-44Ambejogai, Beed
MH-45Akluj, Solapur
MH-46Panvel-Khopoli; also MSRTC buses are registered here
MH-47Mumbai(North) – RTO is located in Kandarpada, Dahisar
MH-49Nagpur East – RTO is located on Bhandara Road
MH-50Karad (Karad Rural) – RTO is located in Karad
MH-51Nashik (Rural)
MH-52Reserved for Parbhani (Rural)
MH-53Reserved for Pune South
MH-54Reserved for Pune North


Eligibility For Learner License: –

1) To get eligible for learner license for motorcycle up to 50cc engine capacity i.e. motor cycle without gear. For this age above 16 years are eligible.
If you are below 18 years and above 16 years of age then you need the consent of their parents and guardian.
2) And if your age is above 18 years then you are eligible for Licence of a motorcycle equipped with gears and also for a Light Motor Vehicle.
3) If you want the Licence to drive a transport vehicle like a vehicle used to carry passengers or goods. Plus, a vehicle such as a taxi, auto-rickshaw, bus or truck. You need to be above 20 years or must have passed higher secondary examination i.e. 8th standard.
4) The person should have at least one year of light motor vehicle (LMV) valid License to get Learner LL to drive Medium or heavy goods vehicle. They can also get passenger license.

Document Required For Learner License: –

When you will enter to RTO you need to verify your documents to RTO officer. Here are the documents you need.

1) Applications in Form 1, Form 1A [Medical Certificates as issued by any M.B.B.S. doctor] and Form 2. 

2) Your three recent passport size photos.

3) You need proof of your ordinarily residing address and date of birth through any one of the following documents:

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Ration Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Passport
  • Electricity Bill [No before than 1 months]
  • Telephone Bill [No before than 1 months]
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
4) Passport / Electricity / Telephone Bill / House Tax Receipt Pay slip issued by any office in the Central / State Government or a local body. Get the copy of the document attested by a Gazette officer of the central/state government or a local body


Physical Presence: 

You need to be present in front of RTO officer or License Authority.

Learner License Exam:  

The Learner License will be held on the scheduled date. During the scheduled date there will be lots of people. The officer will call the bunch of people for the exam. Maybe, you need to wait for a long time.

When you go for an exam in the RTO you will get 20 question. The question will be regarding traffic sign, and the scenario you will come across when you will be driving. And some common sense question.

You will get 20 question with 4 option. It will be like multiple choice question. You need to select one of the questions.

There won’t be a separate computer, rather there will be one big screen. Everyone one has to read the question from that screen and answer according.  No minus marks if your question gets wrong. But if your answer gets you will get plus 1. Each question will get 1 minute each. So, you need to select the option within one minute.

Each question will get 1 minute each. So, you need to select the option within one minute. In some of RTO, there will be a speaker who will help applicant by reading the question with options.

Below is the scenario of examination hall of RTO. The red, yellow and green button is the options of your question. Once questions are displayed you need to press the button. But press button one time.

Note: The screen might be blur, if you have a vision problem don’t forget to take specs with you.


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