What Does The Project Semicolon Represents, Mean, Movement Meaning, Purpose, Quotes

Project Semicolon

What Does The Project Semicolon Represents, Mean, Movement Meaning, Purpose, Quotes

What Does The Project Semicolon Represents, Mean, Movement Meaning, Purpose, Quotes: –

We all think this world is full cruel and selfish people. We are living were listening to our heart is a guilt. And you feel devastated inside out. No hope, No light, we are living in the deem twilight which is on the verge of ending. It is very difficult to see the battles we fight inside, every day. This battle is the hardest thing in our life.

While you agree with the above paragraph. It may be right but at some point, there is a ray of positivity. Yes, I agree people are not living the life as they want. They must be thinking this world is full of cruel, selfish people but there are also some people who are kind, honest who help selflessly. There are also some people who love this world and also who believe in love and affection.

There is a project called “Project Semicolon”. “Project Semicolon” is a revolutionary movement. This movement is for those people who are depressed, having suicidal tendencies and people who are having a bad addiction but want to get rid of it.

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What Does The Project Semicolon (Semicolon Project) Movement Meaning: –

In early 2013 Project Semicolon was founded by Amy Bleuel. She founder Semicolon Project as a tribute to her father who died by a suicide. And then this got the purpose for her.

Project Semicolon What Project Semicolon (Semicolon Project) What Does The Project Semicolon Represents, Mean, Movement Meaning, Purpose, Quotes
Project Semicolon What Project Semicolon (Semicolon Project) What Does The Project Semicolon Represents, Mean, Movement Meaning, Purpose, Quotes

Semicolon Project movement become famous in early 2015 as many people all started to upload their pictures with semicolon tattoo. The meaning of this tattoo is here.

What Does The Project Semicolon Represent: –

Semicolon Project represents a Non-profit organization who are at the mission to bring hope and love for those who are struggling with mental illness, suicide, addiction, and self-injury.

Semicolon Project also represents a semicolon tattoo (;) which is a symbol of wellness. Semicolon Project symbol also resembles the awareness to one person who wants to harm himself. This symbol tells life is not over yet.

What Does Project Semicolon Means: –

The Semicolon Project explains that “a semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life”. The same meaning is there in real-world example.

An upcoming book entitled Project Semicolon: Your Story Isn’t Over is scheduled to be released on September 5, 2017. Published by HarperCollins, the book is a compilation of stories and photos shared within Project Semicolon’s online community.

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Vision: –

Project Semicolon Purpose And Vision(Semicolon Project): –

1)The point explains to us that if we think our life is nothing. If our life is of no use if we think there is no colour in our life. Then the vision to bring those colour and storyline to your life. To change your point of view towards life is the main objective of Project Semicolon.
2)Sometimes in this world, people get depressed, nothing good is happening in their life. They feel like the empty vessel and willing to get rid of this life. But Don’t, don’t do that. Because Suicide is not an option.
3)In this World, people are being racist, people discriminate between rich and poor. The greed has increased so much that people are getting blind and discriminative.
4)They suicide because of heavy depression. This is the movement were project semicolon will help to reduce the suicide rates in the world.
5)People in today’s world have a pleasurable life. The fact is they are not living the life of happiness. Well, of course, because of this the consumption of alcohol has raised. Vision is such consumption should no longer be in used.
6)The world of hatred where people hate is such a worse way that they kill each other. They kill animals, they hunt, cut trees for a selfish reason. This should be stopped.
7)Our mother earth is hurt in a bad way. But it should be stopped at some point. We have to stop“adharma” (non-human Practice) and “asatya” (untruth). We should begin to recover our mother earth by taking the initiative by our side.
8)The vision is, this world should live a peaceful life. Mental illness, mental depression, Suicide Addiction and Self- Injury should be flush-out.
9)Yes, this is the best line. Conversation is a must in once life. It reduces stress and also improves our confidence. But apart from this, it helps us to win other heart and helps us to stay united.
10)Yeah, similar to an above point. If the conversation starts everyone will come together as a community and stands together in the support of one another.
11)Hope is a very important and very powerful thing in our life. We don’t know what is our future. But if anything happened, the thing which is very bad or depressing for you. Or even worst. I recommend you to hope for the best than expecting the worst. Hope has a power which will help you to stand again and, again and again, no matter how many times you fall.

If you want to know more about hope I will recommend you to watch the video given below. This video is from Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie the last scene.

12)Spread LOVE everywhere because people need love in their life.

Semicolon Project Quotes: –

Official Website Of Project Semicolon 

Click Here

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