Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali, Stories

Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali, Stories

Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali
Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali

Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali, Stories

Diwali Festival:-

Diwali Festival is also known as Deepavali Festival. Deepavali is a Sanskrit word means “Rows of Lit Lamp”. Diwali Festival is one of the biggest festivals in India. The specialty of this festival is every religion celebrate this festival in India. It is specially denoted to Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth. Just to begin the New Year with prosperity. There are lots of mythology and stories regarding Diwali. You can also find why we celebrate Diwali as a festival and 25 facts about Diwali.

Meaning Of Diwali:-

When we greet Happy Diwali to any person, in Sanskrit we called it as “Subh Deepavali”. Deepavali means “Rows Of Lit Lamps”. And Subh means “Happy”. Diwali festival has huge meaning. On this auspicious day, people of all age come together to celebrate this festival. In this festival, it is also been said that “Truth Wins Over Evil.”

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History Of Diwali:-

There are many stories of why we celebrate Diwali festival. It is a day where all people unite. This improves social unity. The Crackers are burst (Please burst fewer crackers For Eco-Friendly Diwali). Wearing New Ethical clothes. Everywhere you will find happiness. This is the magic of Diwali we experience in festive season.

Following points is all about Hindu Mythology, you should be knowing about Diwali

Hindu Mythology:-

1)  Lord Vishnu Married Goddess Lakshmi:-

Mythology says when god and demon wanted to live forever. They churned the ocean to extract for Amrut(The nectar for Immortality). During Samudra Manthan(Mixing), it bought many precious items, including Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi was known as the daughter of SEA God, Varun. She married Lord Vishnu. Rows of the lamp were lit in celebration.

Lord Vishnu Takes On The Vaman Avatar(Dwarf) To Kill Bali(Demon):-

Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali - Lord Vishnu Takes On The Vaman Avatar(Dwarf) To Kill Bali(Demon)
Lord Vishnu Takes On The Vaman Avatar(Dwarf) To Kill Bali(Demon)

According to Bhagavat Puran, Lord Vishnu took on Vamana avatar. It was a form of dwarf and defeated King Mahabali (Also know as Bali). He was a powerful demon(Rakshas) king who ruled the earth.

Bali was blessed by Lord Brahma, that made him unconquerable. Even Gods failed to defeat him. To find the way each and every God went to Lord Vishnu for a help to defeat Bali. Then Lord Vishnu emerge his avatar and was disguised himself into Brahmin Dwarf as he approached King Mahabali for alms. The generous king helped this Brahmin and got tricked into giving away all his wealth.

The clever defeat of Bali is another reason we celebrate Diwali.

Pandavas Returned To Hastinapur:-

Pandavas who suffered defeat at the hands of the Kauravas in the game of dice. They conditioned 13 years in exile. After completion, they returned to Hastinapur. They were welcomed with joyful celebration and the whole city was lit with earthen lamp.

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Mahakali’s Victory Over Demons:-

Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali - Mahakali’s Victory Over Demons
Mahakali’s Victory Over Demons

Another story says, after Gods lost the battle against demons(Rakshasas), Goddess Kali emerged from Goddess Durga’s forehead to save the earth and heaven from the growing cruelty of demon. After killing all demons, she lost control and started killing everyone whoever comes in her way.

To control her anger, Lord Shiva had to interfere to calm her down. The popular image of Goddess Kali dancing over Lord Shiva is from the same episode
This event is celebrated as Kali Pooja, which takes place around the same time as Diwali in various parts of India.

Slaying Of Narakasura:-

Narakasura was an evil demon(Rakshasa) king who had great powers. He misused his power and conquered both earth and heaven. Lord Vishnu, killed Narkasura a day before Diwali and rescued the women he had locked in his place. After freedom from Narkasura, both heaven and earth celebrated with grandeur, making it a part of the Diwali folklore.

The Story of Rama and Sita:-

Lord Rama son of King Dasharatha who was king of Ayodhya. He was exiled by his father Dasharatha. Lord Rama, his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshman was spending exile time of 14 years. When Sita was Kidnapped by Demon Ravana, King of Lanka. Lord Rama proclaim the open battle with Ravana to rescue Sita.

Ravana was a great man, the true warrior, huge knowledge. But evil dominated his mind. Lord Rama defeated Ravana and rescued Sita. After 14 years, he returned to Ayodhya. It was a day of Diwali. And people in Ayodhya welcomed them by lighting rows of clay lamps. This event is a symbol of Truth’s victory over Evil.

Sikh Mythology To Celebrate Diwali:-

Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali - Sikh Mythology To Celebrate Diwali
Sikh Mythology To Celebrate Diwali

In 1619, Sikh’s sixth religious teacher Guru Hargobind ji from Gwalior. He was imprisoned by Mughal emperor Jehangir. He was freed by Mughal on Diwali festival. So, Diwali is a most important day for Sikhism. To remember his glory of Sikhism, Sikh people celebrate Diwali with lights and go to Golden Temple with great honor.

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Jain Mythology To Celebrate Diwali:-

Diwali festival is also very important for Jain. During Diwali, Jain people commemorate the enlightenment of Vardhaman Mahavir the last Tirthankar. He also discovered the modern Jainism. For Jain, Diwali is also meant for freedom of all spirit who was stuck with worldly desire.

Lord Mahavir was born as Vardhman on Chaitra Shukla. He was belonging to Nata clan. He obtained Kevala Gyana at Jambhraka Village on the bank of Rijukula river at the age of 42.


Complete Interesting Facts About Diwali:-

Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali - Complete Interesting Facts About Diwali
Facts About Diwali Festival, History, Meaning, Why Do We Celebrate Diwali – Complete Interesting Facts About Diwali

1) Diwali stands No. #1 festival celebrated all over India. We celebrate Diwali in 5 Days.

First Day Of Diwali falls in the 13th day of Ashwin(Hindu Calendar Month). While Lakshmi Poojan, the most important day of Diwali stand in last day of Ashwin. Last day of Ashwin also known as Ashwin Amavasya. And 5th and last day of Diwali falls in the 2nd day of Karthik.

2) People in India believe that the house should be clean and it should look as beautiful as possible. People believe on this day Mata Lakshmi visits everyone’s home to greet them.

3) There is a tradition that gambling at the time is good luck as it brings prosperity.

4) Diwali signals the onset of winter as it ends up Harvest season for Farmers.

5) Diwali symbolized light. It also has a meaning as “Diya”. Lighting Diyas helps remove darkness. This is awakening the light tells us the eradication of darkness. It is thought that lamps are lit to help aid Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth as she finds her way into our homes.

6) Indian people who migrated to foreign countries celebrate with the firework, exchanging of gifts including sweets and dried fruits. They wear new clothes and celebrate with great enthusiasm.

7) The festival also symbolized the inspiring meaning which is as follows

  •  Light Wins Over Darkness.
  •  Good Wins Over Evil.
  • Truth Wins of Evils.
  • Knowledge Wins Over Ignorance.

8) Lord Ganesha who is denoted as the Remover of Obstacles. During Diwali Festival, we placed Lord Ganesha besides Lakshmi. First, we worshipped Lord Ganesha, signaling removal of Obstacles which may come across Lakshmi who is the goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

9) Just Like Christmas, we celebrate Diwali with family, friends, and relatives. They exchange gift and traditional sweets, wear new clothes, host dinner etc.

10) Diwali is known as the festival of lights. Which denotes victory of lights over darkness. We call Diwali as “Deepavali” in Sanskrit which means ‘Rows Of Light’.

11) The 5 days of Diwali include:

  • Diwali Day 1 (Dhanteras): Festival Of Wealth. There is a tradition, on this day people buy utensil, electronic devices, and gold jewelry.
  • Diwali Day 2 (Narak Chaturdashi) : Celebrate Narak Chaturdashi, on win over Narkasura by Lord Krishna, Satyabhama and Kali.
  • Diwali Day 3 (Lakshmi Pooja) Diwali: The third and one of the important day of the Diwali. Families pray to the Goddess Lakshmi. Also known as Karthik Amavasya. This is the end of Kartik season of Hindu Calendar.
  • Diwali Day 4 (Bali Pratipadha, Diwali Padva): The start of the Hindu New Year. It is celebrated on victory over Bali(The Demon) by Lord Vishnu.
  • Diwali Day 5 (Bhai Dooj): It is the last day of Diwali. Festival to commemorate brothers and sisters relationship.

12) On the day of Diwali, most of the countries all over the world declare a holiday. Countries like Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Guyana, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, USA and many more.

13) Our home glow when lamps or oil lamp made of earthen is lit up. The sky is light up with crackers. The entrance of a welcome door of our home is decorated with the pattern of colorful rangoli. In this festival of light.

14) Diwali is followed by Lunar Hindu Calendar. That’s why it falls on different days every year.

15) In the Southern part of India, Diwali is celebrated on victory over Narkasura by Lord Krishna. This is the most important reason we celebrate the Diwali festival.

16) Return Of Lord Rama after 14 years Of exile. If You want to know more

17) Diwali is a national holiday in Malaysia. Diwali of Malaysia is known as Hari Diwali.

18) In Nepal, they called Diwali as Tihar and Swanti. And on the fourth day, they worshipped the Hindu god of death Yama for longer life of people.

19) The Jain community in India celebrates the next day of Diwali as new years day. on Diwali, it is said that Lord Mahavira attained his Moksha or his Nirvana.

20) Diwali is referred to as Sukhssuptika according to Nilman Puran. The meaning of Sukhssuptika is known as sleep with happiness. Scholars in Kashmir still follow the ritual of Sukhssuptika

21) You can find the uniqueness of Diwali in Orissa. Here people call the spirits of their dead ancestors. They burn jute stems to shed light on the dark path of spirits on their way to heaven.

22) Sikh celebrates Diwali in Golden Temple. Since Golden Temple was discovered, Sikh laid this auspicious day as Diwali

23) Deepavali is the beginning of a new financial day. In this day traders, businessmen start Diwali by opening new book of accounts and offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

24) On the day of Diwali, Lord Mahavir attained Moksha(Free From Earth To Heaven). Next day is known as the new year for Jain Communities. Diwali also falls in this day.

25) People all over India Greet each other by saying Shubh Deepavali. Which means, have an auspicious Diwali.

Why Do We Celebrate Diwali:-

After reading the above article you must have understood why we celebrate Diwali. Diwali is known as the festival of light. I would recommend whatever information I have provided above. Is a reason we celebrate Diwali.


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