Why You Should Avoid Criticizing Others Before it’s too Late

Why You Should Avoid Criticizing Others Before it’s too Late

Why You Should Avoid Criticizing Others Before it’s too Late – Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand
Criticism is one of the most harmful energy we pass to other people. Often we observe people criticizing each other. Criticism emerges when there is anger, Ego, over expectation among the people. These all are negative sides of human psychology.
It is foolish to scold. Trying to win the argument is something which directly affects us no matter what it is. Criticism is futile. It put a person in the defensive set of mind in which the person trying to justify himself. In the end, this defensive sets of mind are nothing but a reaction to a person which could rise argument. Taking as a fact as learning something which you have never learned before.  

What Negative Impact Criticism Can Bring In Once Life: –

Talking about an argument, arguing with someone is useless. Criticism is dangerous because it wounds a person’s precious pride, hurts his sense of importance and arouses displeasure.
Researcher and world-famous psychologist concluded through his experiments that an animal rewarded for good behavior will learn much more rapidly and retain what it learns far more effectively than an animal punished for bad behavior.  Later concluded that same goes for a human being.

1) Lowers The Confidence: –

The confidence gets lower when you condemn a person. Of course, because when you are criticizing a person listens to the sharp words he falls apart. If confidence get low how can he move ahead of his life?

2) Plants Negativity In One’s Mind: –

It also plants negativity in person mind. How? When people hear the criticism they start to discourage themselves. The words of trust and belief hardly come in the mind.
This also changes his/her behavior. The person treats other people the same way he’s been treated by his closed one. Imagine if you have children and you’re criticizing them. There is a huge possibility they must be treating others the same way you are treating him.

What To Do Instead Of Criticism(How To Stop Criticizing Other): –

Why You Should Avoid Criticizing Others Before it’s too Late - Don't Criticize What You Can't Understand What To Do Instead Of Criticism(How To Stop Criticizing Other)
Why You Should Avoid Criticizing Other Before it’s too Late – Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand What To Do Instead Of Criticism(How To Stop Criticizing Other)
It is very important to encourage someone for what they are doing rather than criticizing and stopping his or her path. Many times when a person wants to do something he/she is often blocked by parents or relatives. They demotivate children who without thinking anything stops the path their child do not let them do what they want to do.
I am not saying that you should freely let them do anything they want to do but at least give them your humble opinion and remind them about the purpose, responsibility, and passion they possess inside them. Research on the subject to be more precise to your suggestion because unclear suggestion would be uninfluential. But very few people does such kind of things.

1) Wait-> Think -> Then Reply: –

Sometimes a man comes across the time where he became restless and react rigorously. You need to follow the Gandhian philosophy for it. Do not expect returns just do a fruitful job.
If you are a parent of your child find out the reason to criticize him. If he is wrong, be with him, help him, show him the path and tell him how one should live the life.  Same goes for teachers and other people who have the responsibility to run a bunch of people.

2) Give Genuine Appreciation: –   

People crave for appreciation. For that, they work hard to get those precious words of encouragement. So, appreciating will help them to climb the ladder of success. At least they will have a high moral to do anything which will help them to achieve.
Genuine Appreciation is important but if your appreciation is fake it reversely affects you and the recipient. So, follow the path of truth always.

Encouragement: –

We often experience the live example of criticism especially in the world of sports. When a player does not play well fans immediately criticize the player. This reaction can hamper his confidence and could end his career.
You must be thinking how a player comes up with all those criticism. First of all, they do not connect with negative things. They get confidence from their coach and teammates to perform well in the upcoming competition.
Imagine if you start encouraging him won’t you think he the implantation of confidence will regenerate in his mind. It will also generate the purpose to do well not for others but for fans. Encouragement help person to go beyond their limits.

Conclusion: –

We often tempted to criticize when someone makes a mistake. For Example, some school teachers always wait to criticize the mischievous student of the class. This mischievous student only gets more mischievous in the future. Negativity can only improve by adding negative. People need to understand this fact.
People need encouragement, moral support. Even one 1% of positivity is equal to 99% of positivity. Rather than getting tempted to criticize other. Stay eager to praise other people.
If you want to improve other people encourage him/her for good things. Genuinely Appreciate them, Help them. I guarantee the result will flourish. 

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