Digital India Initiative Program| Know Digital India Project, Benefits, Information, Campaign

Digital India Initiative Program| Know Digital India Project, Benefits, Information, Campaign

Digital India Initiative Program Know Digital India Project, Benefits, Information, Campaign
Digital India Initiative Program Know Digital India Project, Benefits, Information, Campaign

Digital India Initiative Program? Know Digital India Scheme, Campaign, Information, Benefits

Digital India is an initiative taken by the government of India to make full use of the government services provided for the people of India. Even after, India is the 3rd largest internet users in the World, only 15% of the Indian population uses the internet. That means the whole 85% of the Indian population depends only upon, the paperwork for using the government services. Digital India’s first objective is to bring down the paperwork and make total use of electronic services.

To do any plan we have to figure out the root problem. So the government of India decided to include high-speed internet service for a rural area that too in a reasonable budget

You must have heard, to build any foundation, starts with the pillars. And so digital India also has the 3 main pillars, which are

  • The creation of digital infrastructure
  • Delivering services digitally
  • Digital literacy.

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About The Project:

Digital India is a long-term project and will take time for its completion. According to the government “Digital India” will reach its completion by 2019.

The project monitored by the Digital India Advisory group. And with the help of the Ministry of Communication and IT – the project expected to run smoothly.

It is also an inter-ministerial initiative where all ministries and the department will offer their own services to the public (healthcare, education, judiciary etc.).

The government has also adopted a public-private-partnership model, as a helping hand to make this initiative run better. This project has also included the top priority project in the Modi administration.

Digital India Week


Digital India Week” has nothing to do with the main project. “Week” only refers to the first week of Digital India, after launching the project on July 1, 2015. The opening ceremony took place on the same day and was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At the ceremony, Mr. Prime Minister made out some of the important points.

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Benefits To India by Digital India

There will be many benefits to the people of India. DI will not only help to level up but will also give a strong foundation. We all know there are many talents all residing in the far corners of this country. By the help of DI, all these corners will be met by the high-speed digital highways.

  1. Digital Infrastructure Utilization For Every Citizen

  • High-speed internet facility
  1. Digital Identity For Every Citizen

  1. Governance And Services On Demand

  1. Digital Empowerment Of Citizen

  1. Employment Option And Partnerships

  • Jobs
  • More Business facilities

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Challenges before Digital India

Even if our Prime Minister Modi dreams of a self-dependent nation, a nation which will lead the innovations. The task wouldn’t be a cake walk. If we watch the present condition, which lacks many of the crucial components which includes

  1. Restructuring Existing Website

If you know the current government website which provides info on all Ministry is “National Informatics Centre (NIC)” is too poor and not properly structured. Such sites will have to be redeveloped to keep up to the levels.

  1. Legal Framework

The most important part of websites, which makes sure of every component working.

  1. Absence Of Privacy

Many government websites lack privacy, and hence easy prey for all worldwide hackers.

  1. Data Protection Laws

You may have heard laws for breaching the data – “Cyber Crimes”. While Ministry of IT has to work on significant protection laws which should follow to keep websites away from hackers reach.

  1. Possibility Of Civil Liberties Abuse

Running such a framework all around India without nuisance created is much more important. Hence, there should be a task run that would not allow any civil abuses.

  1. Reaching The Far Most Regions

As per our Prime Minister Modi said “Unite each other with high-speed digital highway”, that’s good to hear about.

But do you know the Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BSNL) will have to connect 250,000 villages to make sure everyone accesses the internet.



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