Lily Camera |The Throw and Shoot Flying Drone Quadcopter Introduction, Review, Sales

Lily Camera

Lily Camera The Throw and Shoot Flying Drone Quadcopter Introduction, Review, Sales

Lily Camera |The Throw and Shoot Flying Drone Quadcopter Introduction, Review, Sales

No doubt selfies are amazing, but what if, we had to tell you “Now you don’t need to catch your mobile phone, Lily camera would do it for you on its own”.

Lily is your personal photographer, who could capture amazing pics and video automatically. So, if it’s your graduation ceremony, wedding or first road trip – just throw your camera up in the air and she will take the most amazing pictures.

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What is Lily Camera (Introduction)

Lily is an intelligent drone that follows you wherever you go. All you need to do is switch on Lily, throw the drone up in the air and go! Lily will automatically track your movement and get the best of the pictures and video.

Why Lily Camera (Throw and Shoot Camera)?

Lily is a complete invention, a device which raises the standard of the trending definition of taking a photo/video. Lily change the method, of how we see towards photography? Just imagine, how much different stuff you would be able to do with this tiny-portable device. Just imagine, how much Lily camera can help professional photographers, travelers to catch the most amazing moments. This is an absolute machine, which will make you step into the automated future.

Not just that, it’s a power in your hands. Now, even you can take the most extraordinary pictures!

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How does Lily Work?

Lily comes with a remote access – which also works as a tracker. If you want Lily to capture some extraordinary pictures or video? You would just need to switch on your remote and throw Lily up in the air. Everything rest will be done by Lily, on its own.

What if you’re done with taking videos? Just switch off from the access remote and Lily will comfortably land on your palm.

How much does the Lily Camera cost (Price)?

You can pre-order the Lily Camera today for $799 USD. After pre-sales are over, the price will rise by $999 plus applicable taxes and shipping. So, order your Lily Camera now!

The booking is available at Lily Camera Booking.

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Specifications of Lily Camera (The Self-Following Camera): –

BodyMidnight Black Polycarbonate

Brushed Aluminum

DimensionWidth – 10.28 inches x 10.28 inches

Height – 3.22 inches

Weight2.8 lbs (1.3 kg)
BatteryBuild-in Lithium-Ion Battery
ResolutionVideo – 1080p 60fps or 720p 120fps

Image – 12MP

Video Format.mp4 file format, H.264 codec
Memory4GB micro SD provided

External memory card slot

Flight Time20 mins of flight time
Maximum Altitude50 ft.
Minimum Altitude15 ft.
Maximum Speed25 mph (40 km/h)
Maximum Distance from User100 ft.
Minimum Distance from User5 ft.
Field of View (FOV)94º


What all you can do with the Lily Camera remote?

The Lily camera remote is the one which helps the drone recognize your location. The Lily camera remote comes with a tracking ability and sensors which control the drone’s location. Only after, you switch the drone from your remote — the drone will land up on your palm.

The remote helps you with:

  • Recording Sound.
  • Select different Lily shots.
  • Take still pictures.
  • On/Off the drone.

Lily Camera Remote Specification: –

BatteryBuilt-in Lithium-Ion Battery
Charging PortMicro USB
DimensionWidth – 2.05 inches

Height – 0.66 inches



Lily Camera Companion App:

Lily Camera comes with an easy application on your iOS and Android mobile phones. The app will help you with the adjustable setting of the Lily camera.

What all can you do with Lily Companion App?

  • Change camera settings
  • Create custom shots
  • Edit and share content

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Advantages of Lily Camera

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Tracking ability
  • Waterproof
  • Wide Lily photo/video shots
  • Automation ability
  • No risking life for amazing selfies (safe)


Disadvantages of Lily Camera:

  • No swapping of battery
  • No obstacle avoidance capabilities
  • Only 20 mins flight time


Where can we use Lily Camera, besides taking selfies?

As per the survey results of Lily camera, the top places where you can plan to take Lily:

  • Film-making
  • Special and Family Events
  • Professional Outdoor Sports
  • Outdoor activities



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