Lay’s Vending Machine An Innovative Product & Lesson For Other Manufacturers

Lay’s Vending Machine

Lay’s Vending Machine An Innovative Product & Lesson For Other Manufacturers
Lay’s Vending Machine An Innovative Product & Lesson For Other Manufacturers

Lay’s Vending Machine An Innovative Product & Lesson For Other Manufacturers

Each food entrepreneurs and manufacturer have their own secret formula. The secret formulae on which all the food entrepreneurs run their business. But, it seems to be a completely opposite way to how Lay’s work.

The Lay’s vending machine comes with a great example of how to connect with their customers. And, even how to create a deep bonding with existing customers? This is a big reason why food entrepreneurs need To learn from Lay’s vending machine.

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The strategy of secret formula companies

The customers only seem to see the end product of the company. While the processor steps are far away from their visuals. And, this creates a major gap between companies and their customers. Also, this is the major reason why food entrepreneurs tend to concentrate more on their taste and their customer’s reach. So, the customer doesn’t have to go through the trusting issues.

The companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, even after having their secret formula has still managed to connect with their customers. We see their soda machine in every supermarket, subways, malls and even airports. This helps customers to create a trust factor with such companies.

The strategy of no secret formula companies

On the other way, the companies with no secret formula try to reach their customers with franchises. But this process takes time and a lot of investments. And, this can be really challenging for the new food entrepreneurs. So most of all, the new food entrepreneur starts with the process of mobile catering(trending urban method).
This is a great technique as the customer has the direct power to decide what they like and what they don’t! They also have to make their decision for what types of different ingredients they would like with their food. So, this creates an instant scenario of trusting their manufacturer.

But is there anyway, these street mobile caterers can provide their service even in their absence? Sound strange, isn’t it! The Lay’s vending machine works exactly this way.

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What makes the Lay’s vending machine different machine from others?

What if, I had to tell you each time you ask for chips from the Lay’s vending machine? You would get fresh, hot and the best quality of chips ever. Huh! How’s that possible?
The Lay’s potato vending machine is the new concept of vending machine. And, an interesting concept to be learned by every food entrepreneur.

The machine which takes company-customer relation to the next level. Surprisingly, you don’t need a coin to start the machine; all you need to have is a potato. Yes, a potato!
Instead of dropping a coin in a machine, you need to drop a potato inside the Lay’s vending machine. The machine further automatically performs its actions and gives out the fresh pack of Lays.

How does the Lay’s vending machine works?

The Lay’s vending machine as explained works on the concept of potato instead of coin. Just imagine, the whole factory process of Lay’s which produce 1000’s of Lay’s packets simultaneously in just one machine. Now, instead of all these 1000 Lay’s packets, just one packet is created.

The process of Lay’s vending machine is divided into 5 easy steps. After, these 5 steps the fresh pack of Lay’s is pushed out.

What are the 5 steps of the Lay’s vending machine?

Step 1: Washing raw potato
When the raw potato is dropped inside the machine. The very first process is to wash the raw potato. All mud and other particles are cleaned from its surface.

Step 2: Peeling the potato skin
We all know the potato skin is of no use, and it needs to be peeled off. So, after cleaning the potato — the second step Lay’s vending machine does is to peel off the potato skin.

Step 3: Make potato slices
After peeling the potato skin off, the potato is sliced into fine thin pieces. The pieces are exactly the size of chips, we normally eat. The machine also makes sure, the pieces are drained and rinse.

Step 4: Deep Fry
Later, the slices are deep fried. And, again rinsed to make sure not too much oil gets accumulated on the chips.

Step 5: The perfect touch
The last stage of the Lay’s vending machine is to add a pinch of salt by the perfect balloon method. The chips are inserted inside the Lay’s packet, and the sealed packet comes out.
If such a great idea is used by other food entrepreneurs. This would really make a major improvement in their growth and sales. Also, such technology also makes a huge difference in the market and from competitors. As many of your customers develop a better understanding of your product and trust with the company.

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