Complete Information About YouTube Red With Features, Benefit, Cost, Subscription

Complete Information About YouTube Red With Features, Benefit, Cost, Subscription

Complete Information About YouTube Red With Features, Benefit, Cost, Subscription

Know About YouTube Red With Features, Benefit, Cost, Subscription

Google has introduced a paid subscription plan of Youtube for their users. The plan is to apply more features for the user on YouTube. But it is going to be a paid version for the free video-sharing platform and music streaming app know as YouTube Music. The paid version is known to be YouTube Red.

As YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing websites with a huge number of users. They might want more improvement from Youtube so Google came up with a concept called YouTube Red which offers lots of additional features.

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Pricing/Cost Of YouTube Red And Subscription plan: –

The pricing of Youtube Red is 10$ per month currently available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and Mexico.

You also have the authority to try Youtube Red Free of cost for 1-month trial basis. What you need to do is?  Go to Youtube home page sign in from your Google account and select your profile photo > Get YouTube Premium.

The Features And Benefits Of YouTube Red are as follows: 

1) Free From Ads:

YouTube Red offers the most important features that user may like it. The ad-free videos are on the most wanting features that user demand. So, YouTube planned to add this feature in the premium part of Youtube.

YouTube Originals: –

YouTube offers an extraordinary feature and benefit for users in the name of YouTube Originals. This feature helps the user to watch some of the series and movies from some of the YouTube biggest creator’s on the day of there release date that to free of charge.

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Background Play(Play it when you are operating other apps in your mobile): –

As the above feature suggest you can play the YouTube, YouTube Music, Youtube Games, YouTube Kidz in the background. These help you to continue your videos and audios even you are operating another app or you put your mobile in sleep mode.

Normally, Youtube never allows you to run its app in the background.

Watch Offline Videos: –

You have complete freedom to download your videos so that you can watch those videos on the area where there is no internet connection. You can also do this with Youtube Music, Youtube Games, And Youtube Kidz.

YouTube Music Premium Pack: –

They YouTube Red Premium service also add premium service of Youtube Music as complementary. You can enjoy millions of songs, download songs and videos, turn on the audio only feature to listen to only music, play background music etc.

6 Points To Be Noted Regarding YouTube Red:

Complete Information About YouTube Red With Features, Benefit, Cost, Subscription, 6 points to be noted
Complete Information About YouTube Red With Features, Benefit, Cost, Subscription, 6 points to be noted

1) Their will Be Two Parts OF YouTube Paid/Free :-

The Launch of YouTube Red is paid version. But it doesn’t mean that we all are going to lose the free version of YouTube. The free part will still be available with the ad-supported product.

2) Features Of YouTube Red: – 

As discussed above, YouTube Red will allow users to watch ad-free videos, download videos to mobile devices. Play videos in the background while using other mobile apps.

The will also include exclusive shows videos and movies.

3) Price For YouTube Red: –

The price for YouTube Red is $10 dollars in the US. While the price for the foreign market is also the same.

4) Launch Date Of YouTube Red: –

On 28th October the Paid version of Tube is going to launch in the US.

5) Affect on users: –

Looking at the price of subscription it doesn’t seem too costly. Which means lots of people are going to opt for videos. Well, on another side of the YouTube world there are lots of YouTube Videos which are going to fall down.

The paid version users are going to enjoy. By watching a movie, T.V shows and many more such things. You can also watch TVF’s pitchers only if you pay the fee. But this was the initial plan now youtube has scraped it means it will be available in both the platform.

This may happen when YouTube Red will be announced in India. The chief business offer of YouTube Robert Kyncl said that

“the creators of 99% of the content watched on YouTube have agreed to make their videos available on the paid platform.”

6) YouTube Music:-

Google has also launched a new app called YouTube Music. This is free to watch with ads. It will function much like a streaming platform, with an organization of the channel that provides videos of each artist.

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