Bakey’s Edible Cutlery – A Step towards Eco-Friendlier Future

Bakey's Edible Cutlery


Bakey’s Edible Cutlery – A Step towards Eco-Friendlier Future:

The rate of entrepreneurship has been rising each year in India. The idea of contributing to the society have significantly enriched. With every new entrepreneur coming up with the idea to improve technology and development to the society. There is less contribution to the country’s environmental problem and vision towards a cleaner future.

This is where Bakey’s Narayana Peesapaty – the founder of Edible cutlery found a perfect pitch for the cleaner development and a healthier future. We all are aware of plastic and dangerous chemical composition proved to be affecting our body. These carcinogenic chemicals that cause cancer and have an impact on our body’s nervous system. Narayana found this opportunity and introduce a perfect replacement for plastic made spoon with his edible cutlery.

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How Bakey’s Edible Cutlery is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs?

Bakey's Edible Cutlery – A Step towards Eco-Friendlier Future 1
Bakey’s Edible Cutlery – A Step towards Eco-Friendlier Future 1

Apart from increasing sales and profit, every entrepreneur dreams to bring a perfect product to the society. An innovative idea which not only pours in good sales but also helps in the cycle of innovation.

Even after, India has experienced a rise in innovation and new ideas — they all have been following the same path. A long shot towards the future! With a huge amount of risks in building a company in an unreliable future. No one likes to reinvent the cycle of innovation and why would one? but we do miss some important points.

We don’t need to reinvent the cycle of innovation nor we need frugal innovations. Instead of just running with the ideas of technology as part of our lives and future. We should also look for the small product which is already part of our lives – a plastic spoon.

Another example would be scrub pad! We do realize that this product has been a permanent kitchen product for over 15 years. A tiny product which doesn’t need technology, no R&Ds, or major step in its designing. A small design made product cost no more than 10 rupees. They have been used by over a million families in India.

We haven’t been going wrong, it is such that what we look we learn. The big companies such as Google, Apple, and GE goes through series of research and ideas before launching a product. With their success rate, investors, and best minds lined up on their doorsteps. It easier for them to come with a product with suits perfect in our unreliable future.

It’s easier to say than done but, the fact is that we don’t even remember when the last world-changing innovation was made in India!

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What is so special about this Edible cutlery?

The Bakey’s edible cutlery is made of flours of jowar (sorghum) blended with rice and wheat. This edible cutlery has no chemicals, preservative, fat, plasticizer, emulsifiers, artificial color, or milk product. The edible cutlery is specially made up of just plant products. An interesting fact is these are simply baked in high temperature.

Is it edible? What about the taste?

Yes, these are completely edible and could be part of your meal too. These spoons come with a variety of taste – plain, sweet, and savory. These perfect edible cutlery are found to be a perfect fit to remove plastic food product from our environment. This edible cutlery comes with nutritive quality and could disintegrate within 3 days into the environment.

Where can you buy one?

Even though Bakey’s is working hard to make their products a permanent member of the Indian market. One will have to wait for this edible cutlery to be easily available from the nearby supermarket. For now, you could buy a pack of edible cutlery from placing an order online here.

Bakey’s vision and future plans

Narayana has a simple rule of making its venture on a small scale and expanding slowly. They believe in creating an impact on the society and that’s what drives them forward.

Bakey’s future primary goal is to increase their sales and bring down the initial price of edible cutlery to as minimum as possible. They have also promised to introduce other edible cutlery product like a fork, soup spoons, dessert spoons, and chopsticks.

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