World Wildlife Day Speech | Logo, Photos World Wildlife Day Speech: - Hello everyone, its been pleasure to get an opportunity to add my words for betterment of wildlife on earth. Wildlife...
10 Wise Things You Should Do In 2019 To Make It A Grand Year
 Top 10 Excellent Countries You Should Prefer To Live In Abroad Many of us dream of living abroad but can often be scared to make such a big change to our routine lifestyles and leave our home countries behind....
Smart Cities Project In India |14 Fact To Know About Smart City Project In India Government Releases List of 98 Smart Cities. These cities have Cleared 1st Stage of Development Plan. The initiative of Rs 48,000 crore initiative, announced by Prime Minister Modi...
United Nation (UN) 23 August International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade
Happiness is simple to achieve but yet people find it difficult to pursue. One of the reason is desire, people possess in them. We cannot deny the pace today’s world is moving and this is something that puts the huge toll in human shoulder.
International Day of World Indigenous Peoples Australia, Canada
International Day Against Nuclear Tests, Theme
National Deworming Day 2019 India | Meaning, Initiative, Guidelines, Mission We all know how important children are. The most common illness for these children is the stomach worm. These tiny little angels suffer a lot from this illness. So the Union...
On 20th March the International Day of Happiness is celebrated. It a worldwide celebration occurs on this day. Philanthropist, activist, statesman, and prominent United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien initiated International Happiness day.

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