6 Efficient Entrepreneurs Dashboard You Need To Grow Your Startup

Efficient Entrepreneurs Dashboard

6 Efficient Entrepreneurs Dashboard You Need To Grow Your Startup
6 Efficient Entrepreneurs Dashboard You Need To Grow Your Startup

6 Efficient Entrepreneurs Dashboard You Need To Grow Your Startup

Running a start-up is an extremely difficult thing one could ever experience. As a founder/CEO of an organization, you need to undertake day by day task.

Over-review everything, operations, deals, group administration, HR  factual information, positions and activity and so on. You get the chance to make a solitary web-application (dashboard) which you can use to maintain all your business at one place (which even works remotely).

Building a Dashboard depends on your business background, What you want or how you see it.  For Me product, customer and employee are important rather than giving first priorities to profits and external things.

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Well, profit is important it makes your business sustainable. But on the other side, it is also important to think what are the factor which makes our business profitable. Depends on the background of business entrepreneur makes set the priority.

Let’s check what thing you need in your Entrepreneurs Dashboard.
Here are the Things You Would Like To Have On Your Dashboard As An Entrepreneur: –

6 Efficient Entrepreneurs Dashboard You Need To Grow Your Startup
6 Efficient Entrepreneurs Dashboard You Need To Grow Your Startup

1) Users:- 

Some business is a product based business. For them, their users and customers are like a God. So, it is very important to understand our audience. Whenever the business is set up, the initial stage is to understand the audience. The organization makes a survey of to get the answer to their questions. And the survey is then calculated in statistical format.

This survey and statistics help to make a business and marketing strategy. Here are the Categories, Entrepreneurs can include in their business. To understand their Users.

  • By Sales/Visitor.
  • Unique Users.
  • Regular Users.
  • The Country, State, Area by percentage.
  • Age Factor, Gender.
  • Sales By Retailer, Wholesale or Online.
  • Time they are staying on our web page

2) Feedbacks :-

Your Startup is something which you had developed it from scratch. You don’t realise your overall performance. A person who is using your product knows the best and can advice to do the best. Getting a feedback and rectifying your problem is a one of the ways to make your business successful.

Here are the points you need to follow: –

  • Customer Feedback: –
  • Development Feedback: –
  • Bugs Feedback: –


“Your most unhappy customer is the greatest source of  learning.” – Bill Gates.

“We all need people who give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Damon Richards.

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3) Employees Performance: –

As CEO, you always have to know about your employee’s performance. It is important to include employee performance in your Entrepreneurs Dashboard. Tracking their work performance and understanding their caliber is all you need to know.

If performance is low, you will be alert and help to give their best in their work.

4) Messages :-

Sometimes you get the personal message to your Commercial email Id. If you get this in your Entrepreneurs Dashboard it will surely ease your work.

5) Net Profit Dashboard: –

Profit is very important to keep the business sustainable. Keeping Net profit dashboard will surely help you to keep the track on the profit ratio.

6) Accounting Dashboard:-

Keeping accounts of your organization is another important aspect of your business. Accounting helps to keep track of your money. This will help to improve decision-making ability as the whole accounting information is in front of you.

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